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Proper Artificial Turf Maintenance

Brush Regularly

Over time, debris such as leaves usually pile on the lawn. Just as it is the case with a natural lawn, you should not let debris to sit for too long. Debris on the lawn can end up encouraging weeds to germinate and then grow on it. As much as weeds are easy to remove, you should avoid this task by regularly brushing away debris. If weeds grow you can easily remove them by brushing, picking, or raking the grass. There are a number of products that are environmentally-friendly that can be purchased at garden centers and DIY centers that can help to kill weeds, moss, and algae. Moreover, brushing the grass will ensure that your synthetic grass is kept in the best possible condition. Regular brushing will guarantee that the fibers are kept upright for a long time, which will enhance your lawn’s natural look.

Light Cleaning

There are some times when your lawn may be stained which in turn will mean that you will have to give it a light cleaning. You can clean a mark off by using a mixture of dish soap and warm water. If you may want to refresh your entire lawn, you can simply hose it when necessary.

Fire and Hot Items

The lawn is made of varied plastics hence it does not really mix well with extreme heat. You should keep barbecues and bonfires away from it in order to avoid any possible damage. Although a professional artificial lawn company can repair your lawn in the event that it is damaged by heat, it will not look the same way it did before.

An artificial turf is a considerable investment for many homeowners. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your lawn you should take care of it. If you follow these basic tips and ensure proper cleaning and maintenance, the useful life of your artificial turf will be prolonged and you lawn will continue looking beautiful.

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Minimum 2,500 Sq. Ft. For Outside Of Florida