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How Artificial Turf Reduces Insects In Your Yard

Insects often make it hard for homeowners to enjoy their backyards and other outdoor spaces. People usually invest countless dollars on bug traps, mosquito nets, and other things that are meant specifically to keep off insects from their yards. Dealing with insects can be daunting and it wastes a lot of time. Fortunately, if you are a homeowner who is tired of insects causing problems and discomfort, you can solve the problem by installing artificial turf, which can help you to end the battle with insects due to its unique benefits.


Mosquitoes are known to breed in standing water. The good thing is that when synthetic turf is installed, the ground area is completely smoothed out, which removes valleys and dips where water can pool. Easy drainage is also made possible by trenches. As a result, there will not be any standing water hence mosquitoes will not have a home to breed.

Bugs, Fleas, and other Insects

Bugs are drawn to standing water, which occurs due to several reasons including shade covering natural grass. The shade prevents water from evaporating which in turn saturates the lawn with dampness. Insects are attracted to excessive dampness, but with synthetic turf, there is much less water and no dirt. The lack of dirt and water makes artificial turf less appealing to bugs. Rather than a dirt base, the turf has an infill, which is not conducive for insects. Artificial turf also prevents bugs and fleas from getting to dirt, which they usually do in order to get food. Moreover, the fact that synthetic grass does not pollenate makes it unattractive to wasps and bees.

Other Benefits

Bugs are known to carry diseases. Since artificial turf makes your yard less conducive to insects you will have a healthier family. You will not have to deal with the diseases that they carry, which is good for everyone’s health and well-being.

Less insects means less upkeep. Reducing the insects in your yard significantly reduces the amount of money that you will have to spend defending your home because it means no more traps, insecticides, or poisons. This means that artificial turf eases the economic burden on individuals, and also promotes healthy living standards.

If you want a beautiful insect-free lawn then you should definitely install artificial turf. It is less appealing to mosquitoes, bugs, fleas, bees, wasps, and other insects due to a variety of reasons. These include less water, no dirt, and the inability to pollenate. Artificial turf reduces insects in the yard, which also comes with other benefits such as reducing the chances of people getting sick, less upkeep, and less money having to be spent to keep off insects. All the evidence points to artificial turf being a good solution if you are having problems with insects. With artificial turf, you and your pets can start enjoying your backyard or other outdoor space again without the worry that insects may ruin time spent relaxing on the yard.

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