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Preventing Lyme Disease With Artificial Turf

Most people don’t know what Lyme disease is or what causes the disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that spreads to humans, usually caused by an infected deer tick bite and on the West Coast, the black-legged ticks. The bacteria causing Lyme disease is known as Borrelia burgdorferi. Ticks are found in wooded areas as well as high-risk areas; people who spend most of their times in grassy and woody are had a higher risk of exposure. It can also be found in other wild animals such as mice, birds, domestic pets too.
Ticks move from on host to another, they drop off the original host, climb another and latch to a protected area. Most people are bitten below the waist due to wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts in parks and/or when camping and open shoes.

How Artificial Grass Helps

Artificial turf is a surface made of synthetic fibers that give it a look as that of natural grass. Its’ used for both commercial applications such as sports arenas and residential lawns. Depending on your lawn or area that you need to cover, there are various lengths of artificial grass that are cut to suit your needs. Substituting natural grass with artificial grass can make it impossible for ticks to lay eggs.
Artificial grass is one of the ways of preventing ticks from populating in your back yard. Natural grass will always be accompanied by weeds and leaf litter, it grows rapidly, providing the best conditions for ticks to live in. Ticks thrive in moist, dark conditions and heavily weeded areas with long grass and heavy undergrowth providing the perfect conditions for ticks to live in. Ticks are abundant in long grass areas and shrubs found in our backyards as well as the surrounding areas. It is best to create a boundary around the house to prevent wildlife, such as deer, to get into your territory.

Artificial grass is well aerated and it is easy to keep the lawn clean. Weeds and undergrowth are not present and ticks cannot survive in artificial grass. It is doesn’t require watering and it does not attract deer. Using synthetic grass is a technique that can be adopted by homeowners and is a great way to prevent soil erosion

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