Artificial Turf: The Landscape Of The Future

Artificial turf used to be touted as a “plastic carpet”. Monsanto first invented fake grass in the 1960s and since then it has come a long way. The NFL started using it, and in the middle 1970s, longer fibers were introduced with sand infill and padding. Soon after this, another generation of artificial turf developed, which accounted for 6,000 plus installs in 2011. Each year, between 1,000 and 1,500 investments are added to this.

This third-generation lawn starts by selecting the polyethylene threads. These materials include monofilament, silt-film or a combination of both of them. They’re designed in the carpeting of lawn, which is then sprayed with a latex or urethane mixture. From here it will be rolled up and sent to the installation site. Once at the site, it will be unfurled and either pasted or sewed to form a landscape.

The infill will need to be added to the green carpeting. This infill can be thought of like dirt. If the green carpeting did not have the infill, it would not “survive”. Infill’s recipe consists of silica and rubber which is generally recycled from old car tires. Two or three coats are placed by a spreader truck, with a smoother truck following it.

Artificial turf is being used by many. Many sports arenas are using it because it is so durable. It can be discovered on football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, softball, and field hockey fields. It is used in both outside and indoor stadiums. Professional and high school fields are using this type of landscaping as it can be used for practice and games. Many of these fields have sports practices daily on them, several times per day. Golf courses may even have artificial turf.

And it is not just sports arenas just fake grass either! Homeowners are becoming very interested in all the pros of this lush landscaping that they have turned to it. And there are so many amazing ideas you can do with this turf, from rooftop terraces to feng shui indoors. All of these wonderful plans can create a home that you have always dreamed of.

This landscaping really does have amazing perks to it. One of the best ones is that you never have to mow it. That in itself is worth it. You do not have to purchase gas for a lawnmower, or even own a lawnmower! This means less pollution in the air. Perfect for those that are conscious about the environment.

And if you like the look of a lush yard, artificial grass can deliver that. Since it can not die, you will not have brown spots. Your yard will look green and lush all year long! Imagine walking barefoot in the summer and how great it will feel!

Do not forget about weeds either. Artificial turf will never grow weeds, so you will not have to pull weeds. Your yard will look spectacular all the time. You will not have to add any harsh chemicals to stop these weeds from growing, which will be safer for you, your family, and your pets. And speaking of our furry family members, water will not pool in fake grass, so when you let Fido outside after a long rainstorm, he will not come in with muddy paw prints!

If you are interested in artificial turf (and really, who would not be after all these pros), consider contacting a professional service, such as Turf Pro Synthetics today. This company can provide you with great service while helping you obtain the lawn of your dreams!