Best Summer Activities In Tampa

amazing things you can do in the Tampa areaThere are several amazing things you can do in the Tampa area. In this article, we will look at the best summer activities in Tampa. If you are looking for a perfect trip to Tampa this summer, here are the things that the entire family can enjoy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a visitor or a local and whether you are an art lover or a thrill seeker; there is something in it for everyone.

1. Tampa Museum of Art: This museum is located downtown in Tampa in Gasparilla Plaza. This visit is a terrific adventure for people belonging to all ages. They even provide art classes for teenagers and get the entire family involved. You can find both indoor and outdoor exhibits here. On the first floor, you can find floor-to-ceiling windows, and the sunlight streams create a perfect scenario for browsing all the art exhibits. From the second floor, you get a beautiful view of the Hillsborough River. You can visit the museum website to find out about the different events hosted at the museum.

2. Hyde Park Village: The Hyde Park Village is a collection of restaurants and shops in South Tampa. There is a grassy square area near its center that has a fountain, and it is a great spot to visit for the entire family. You can add this visit to your summer activities as it is an aesthetic area to hang out. The village is close to South Howard Street, where many clubs and bars from South Tampa are located. It is pretty normal for many people to visit Hyde Park as their summer activities and head off to the bars.

3. St Petersburgh Pier: Although this 26-acre pier is not exactly a part of Tampa, it is situated close to Tampa Bay. There are several bar and restaurant alternatives available here. You can stroll on the pier and overlook all the art installations on the fishing pier. Children can enjoy splash pads, a playground, and a discovery classroom. The pier hosts its marketplace on the weekends, with many local vendors gathering to sell their different products.

4. Hillsborough River State Park: This park is located near Tampa, and you need to take a short drive to reach the place. This place can be a great summer activity as it is one of the fastest ways of moving from an urban city to nature. One day spent here is terrific for friends, families, and everybody in between. There are several summer activities you can do here. You can perform hiking or visit the campsites. You can also bring in a blanket for a picnic in a shady area. Bring in journals and notebooks as you listen to the sounds of nature.

So, these are some of the best things you can do while in Tampa. Select your favorite summer activity from the list and have fun during the visit. If you are thinking about installing synthetic grass in your backyard for a summer outing, look no further than Turf Pro Synthetic in Tampa, FL area.

Picture Credit: Pexels