Daytona Beach To Pay $938k For Artificial Turf At Jackie Robinson Ballpark

The Daytona Tortugas will be playing their next season (starting March 1, 2020) at the Jackie Robinson Ballpark on new, state-of-the-art artificial turf that cost roughly $1 million. This was signed off on at the Daytona Beach city commissioners’ meeting. The decision was left to them since the city owns the ballpark which they lease to the Tortugas. They say they plan to pay for the synthetic turf with $583,391 from the city’s capital projects funds along side of a $355,000 grant they received from the Racing and Recreational Facilities District.

The how and why behind the Installation of the new Synthetic Turf

According to minor league baseball regulations teams must have a field without any defects or trip hazards – issues that could quite possibly affect normal game play or risk a player’s safety. City officials believe that by installing this new artificial turf they’ll bring the field up to these standards. They say that synthetic turf is far superior to grass because it allows for continuous play and the field itself can withstand other community events as well.

The Astro Turf Company, an artificial turf manufacturer from Georgia is responsible for installing the new turf. They’ll also remove and dispose of the sod and subsurface materials that are already in place there. As they do so they must also:

  • Make sure that the field’s grading matches what’s already there
  • Install subsurface drainage structures
  • Create a new pitcher’s mound from clay and dirt
  • Set up a new batter’s box along with bullpen pitching areas

Other Priorities in the Area

Although you may think that discussing artificial turf is a waste of the city commissioners’ time, you’ll be happy to know that there are many other projects they’re currently working on as well. These projects which were discussed at the last commissioners’ meeting include:

  • Operational funding for the First Step Shelter whereby the city is asking for $400,000 to finish building a 100-bed shelter by the fall of 2020
  • Using the Sadowski Housing Trust fund to fund affordable housing programs
  • Maintaining the local government’s home rule authority
  • Using funds generated from the Amendment One for infrastructure projects that’d improve the area’s water quality, help recharge the aquifier, and help with enhancing the environment in public areas
  • Finding ways to fund a $3 million study by the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Securing federal funding for projects that involve the homeless, offering housing assistance, stabilizing and redeveloping neighborhoods, public safety, and developing economic infrastructure

These items still need to be discussed with the state’s legislators and congressional members. This process will begin with a meeting on December 17 starting at 1PM at City Hall’s City Commission Chambers.


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