Games For Artificial Grass

Games For Artificial GrassThere are several benefits associated with using artificial grass rather than having a natural grass surface. This is the main reason behind the rising popularity of artificial grass. People are loving artificial grass turfs due to their lower upkeep needs, cost-effectiveness, real-like appearance, safety, eco-friendliness, durability, non-allergic properties, and anti-slipping properties. Its use and applications have risen rapidly after its introduction. It can be found these days in pro sports venues, recreational facilities, schools, and even in many residential installations. Here are a few games you can enjoy on the artificial grass surface.

Bocce ball: Bocce ball is conventionally played on concrete or sand surface. But, a sturdy, clean, leveled, rectangular, and long-lasting grass field provides a perfect game surface for your all-the-year-round enjoyment. The game allows players to perform and have fun with different moves without having to worry about dips, holes, and varying bounce. There is another advantage and that is the installation of artificial grass appears more like a pro landscape design rather than a bocce ball court. It will not break easily or undergo wear and tear even when used frequently.

Golf: You can have a putting green made from artificial grass that will offer a realistic golf course-like experience. Keen golf enthusiasts can now enjoy different golf sessions with their families or practice mastering various shots during their spare time. These putting greens developed from synthetic turf can be customized for fitting all shapes, sizes, terrain, and skill level.

Cornhole: This is an ideal outdoor game and has become increasingly popular during the recent period. There is no need to acquire special training to play this sport. You need to have a set of corn holes or use a kit bought from the store and play the game with friends or you may even play it during family parties. This game needs you to have a flat surface for the cornhole board to stay in place. This is difficult to achieve on natural grass or concrete surfaces. Synthetic turf means leveled surface that ensures fair gameplay as well. The surface also dries up fast after rains and it is not slippery, decreasing the risk of injuries.

Water games: Keep in mind that artificial grass always dries up quickly. This makes it an ideal surface for children to play their water games. They may enjoy water relay, water balloon fight, slip and slide, and backyard fishing. Having artificial grass ensures that there are no muddy puddles and also decreases the risk of getting injured and dirty. There is less stress worrying about damage to the surface and after-the-play cleaning up.

Pickleball: This is a perfect game that people of all ages may enjoy playing on synthetic turf. The game itself is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. The game has developed rapidly in recent years with many numbers of people playing this game these days. It is simple and cheap to add pickleball courts to your property. The surface thus created is softer than floorboard or concrete surface or other normal playing surfaces. You may enjoy a pickleball game with your relatives, friends, and family on the artificial grass without having to worry about the surface getting run over.

It is also possible to play many games such as tennis, Jenga, football, frisbee, and obstacle course on the synthetic turf for an enjoyable time. If you live in Tampa Bay, FL area, you can turn to Turf Pro Synthetics for professional help to make your home an enjoyable place.