Installing Artificial Grass – Is It Worth It?

For a few years, the concept of artificial grass is basically surrounding us, even though we’re not noticing this. Whether we’re talking about sports fields, gardens, businesses, golf courses or even public spaces, they’re all relying on synthetic grass to provide a lush, attractive landscape solution, that requires minimal maintenance, not to mention that it allows saving important quantities of water yearly.

However, some people are still skeptical about installing it, saying that it’s not the best option for the places where you just can’t grow real grass. If you’re among them, you’re in the right place, as we are going to discuss some of the benefits artificial grass has, from several points of view.

There’s no need for constant watering

As mentioned above, one of the biggest problems of real grass fields is that they need to be watered constantly – 500,000 to a million gallons of water per year. On the other side, an artificial grass field allows saving water, which is actually critical during periods of drought. Let that sink in for a while. Pun intended, also.

It transforms unsafe playing fields

It’s no secret that a regular grass field just can’t remain lush and resilient if it’s used daily, not to mention that weather conditions will also have their say. Oh, and grass doesn’t grow all the time during one year!

Considering all these, the surface will be seriously affected, resulting in an unsafe field. Installing synthetic grass rolls can bring any field back to life and guarantees that it will look the same and keep its qualities for longer.

No more pesticides

Keeping it short, when you’re dealing with artificial grass, there’s no need to keep an eye out for any bugs that could damage it. Automatically, this eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

It can generate an additional income

Fields covered with this type of grass can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so many schools and universities end up renting their synthetic fields to local sports team or organizations for extra funding. And when it comes to education, some extra money is always more than welcome!

Parks can be used all year long

Each community needs accessible and versatile play surfaces for both children and adults. If artificial grass is used for parks, this translates to a year-round activity, not to mention that everything will happen on safe and resilient surfaces. And this is pretty much what every parent wants for their children, right? Playing safe, no matter the time of the year.

Installing artificial grass can be a difficult process, that’s why it’s highly recommended to work only with professionals for installing such…greenery.

Over the past years, Turf Pro Synthetics managed to perfect the art of designing and installing premium artificial grass lawns, being able to handle even the most difficult types of terrain. Using the best products on the market, they can simulate the look, feel and performance of natural gas anywhere, which recommends them as one of the best companies in the game.