Protect Your House In Tampa Bay From The Hurricane Season

The CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shared several strategies with people to empower them to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. This agency has also divulged advice for the people affected by the hurricane season. Whether you are looking to evacuate your home or bunker down in the house during the hurricane season here are some suggestions to keep you safe.

Before the hurricane season

Keep in mind that things will be different in the hurricane season this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. You will have to protect yourself from both the coronavirus and the hurricane. Allow yourself more time to prepare for water, emergency food, and medical supplies. The safest way for buying the disaster supplies is through home delivery. Pay close attention to the local guidance regarding the plans for the evacuation and shelter. This includes a possible shelter for the pets.

Take into consideration the coronavirus situation

Whether you will be required to evacuate or required to stay at home, develop a “go kit” including personal items that you will need during the emergency. Include items that will protect yourself and your family members from COVID-19 such as liquid soaps, face masks, and hand sanitizers. Remember, the face masks are not for children under the age of 2.

Secure loose windows and doors

If you are staying at home it is significant to ensure that there are no cracks around the windows and doors. Loose windows and the air space under the exterior doors will allow rainwater to creep in. If the windows of your house have not been repaired for the last 15 years, it is time to get them replaced now. In case there are some areas of your house susceptible to high winds, it is a good idea to get hurricane shutters for protecting the windows.

Clear all debris

When the hurricane will hit the last thing you need is a loose tree branch or lawn chair that may get hurled through the pool screen. Clean the yard for all loose debris and also store bird feeders, flags, hoses, and lawn ornaments properly. Move all the outdoor furniture inside and secure it.

After the hurricane season

The risks you will face do not end after the hurricane has passed by. You need to keep using preventive actions such as washing your hands and wearing face masks during the cleanup and while returning to your normal life. It may take more time to restore water and power if they are out. Take the necessary measures to prevent CO poisoning in case you are using generators.

Medical Aid

If you are sick or injured, get in touch with the medical providers for recommendations about the treatment. Keep your wounds clean to stop all infections. Keep in mind that accessing medical aid is more difficult than usual at the time of the coronavirus situation. These disasters can also cause stress and stronger emotions to come through. It is normal to feel grief, anxiety, and worry. Trying to cope with the feeling, and getting the necessary help when needed will help you and your family to recover. People suffering from prior mental health conditions need to continue with the treatment and be aware of the symptoms.

The damage caused by the hurricane season to your home can be troublesome. But what is most important is the safety of family members in the household. Around two more months of hurricane season are left this year and you need to make sure that you have the resources to stay safe at the time. If you are living in the Tampa, FL area and are looking to get artificial turf install on your property, think about using professionals such as Turf Pro Synthetics. They are family owned and have been in business since 2004.

Picture Credit: Pixabay