Peter Lindemann @ 11/29/2016 12:58

In 2 short years our Zoysia sodded lawn turned into a desert. Dust was everywhere when the dogs played with a ball (the ball itself was black from all the dirt that clung to it). So the first great decision was to get artificial grass installed. The second great decision was to have TURF PRO install it. Jeff is a man of his word. He started the job when promised. In the evening things were tidied up and when the job was complete the driveway (where the base material was stored), the grass in front and the pavers surrounding the new grass were clean and you couldn’t tell that anything was different except for that fantastic new green lawn area. If our dogs could talk they probably would want to tell us that we should have done this years ago. We have no regrets and feel very comfortable to recommend TURF PRO for your lawn improvement.
Thank you, Jeff