Sandra Wickstead

I HIGHLY recommend Turf Pro Synthetics Tampa for installation of artificial turf!!! The company does excellent work at a very fair price!!! Let me explain why I am so very THRILLED with my new artificial turf. I have maintained my own grass for over 10 years. I took pride in how wonderful my lawn always appeared; however it took much time, labor, and money to keep real grass looking great. I finally decided to invest in artificial turf for my new home. I was nervous about making the initial investment. However the minute I saw the final outcome of my newly installed artificial grass, I absolutely fell in love!!! I was so excited and pleased to see my kid’s love for the artificial grass too!!! No more weeds, nasty insects, mowing, watering, dead spots, spraying for insects, etc.!!! Just a lovely year round green lawn that is so very soft to touch!!! My kids were instantly rolling all around on the artificial turf!!! My kids were THRILLED that I switched to artificial turf and so was I!!! No more back breaking work and worry….just shear relaxation and enjoyment with our new artificial turf!!! Artificial turf with Turf Pro Synthetics Tampa is well worth the investment!!!