The Top 3 Design Ideas for Artificial Turf

The use of artificial grass has become more common in residential landscaping mainly because it offers multiple advantages when compared to a traditional lawn. It is soft, lightweight, and requires minimal maintenance. Over the years, manufacturers have developed beneficial ways of making synthetic grass not only look but also feel more natural. When it comes to artificial grass, there are several design ideas that people can choose from.  As expected, some are more popular than others but the choice to choose one design over another is dependent on the taste of a person, convenience, and the need for the use of artificial grass. People living in the city should consider the benefits that synthetic artificial turf offers and the design ideas that can not only brighten up spaces but also evoke feelings of peace and relaxation. Below are the top 3 design ideas for artificial turf.

Creating a Rooftop Garden

It is hard to come by backyard space in many large cities, which is why rooftop gardens have become more popular in metropolitan areas. A rooftop garden offers the perfect way for a homeowner to construct a beautiful, private space that complements the spectacular city skyline. Synthetic turf offers a great way to transform an ugly rooftop into a soothing and pleasant getaway in the city especially because of its numerous advantages.

Transform the Patio Into an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Synthetic grass offers city-dwellers the opportunity to turn their small outdoor space into the ideal outdoor entertaining area. This transformation can partly be achieved by incorporating tropical plants in borders, and pots at varied heights. As a result, this creates an abundance of greenery and makes the small space to feel lush. Another ideal way of opening up a small patio space is to hang string lights high. The notion behind this is that an outdoor space feels bigger when it is well lit.

The Installation of a Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is guaranteed to fit, despite the size of a person’s outdoor space. These small pools are designed in such a way that they can work in almost any area. Synthetic turf is usually used to landscape around a plunge pool for several reasons. It offers better drainage capabilities and also eliminates the contamination of grass into the swimming pool, which makes cleaning the pool far much easier.

The simple ideas discussed above can help you to turn your small outdoor space into the ideal spot for outdoor barbecues and summer parties. Artificial grass is the perfect complement to these areas because it can create the look and also feel of real grass with minimal to no upkeep. You should definitely consider using artificial grass to transform your outdoor space into the perfect spot.