What To Expect When Having Artificial Turf Installed

few things need to be done to the ground prior to artificial turf installationArtificial grass is growing in popularity because it’s both attractive and low maintenance. One of the most common questions about it has to do with artificial turf installation. Here’s what you should know in this regard.

This is when most of the intense work occurs because a few things need to be done to the ground prior to artificial turf installation. These include:

  • Clearing the ground of any existing grass and plant life so that they don’t grow through the turf and ruin it.
  • Excavating at least four inches of the ground to ensure that the area is thoroughly sterilized.
  • Leveling the area and building it up so that the turf can be installed. It’s important to ensure that the turf is even with the ground. Therefore, the excavation needs to be built back up. To do this, several layers are packed and filled. This must be done until the ground is level. Only then can the turf be installed.
  • Placing a weed barrier underneath the turf ensures that the synthetic grass will remain artificial in the future. Otherwise, your traditional grass will attempt to grow back and may even succeed in doing so if there’s no weed barrier.

It’ll take 5 – 25 hours of labor to accomplish this for most residential lawns. This time will increase considerably if you own a large-scale commercial lawn.

Laying the Turf
Once the ground is ready, it’s time to actually install the grass. After it’s unrolled, it’ll need to sit for about an hour so that it can soften and be properly installed. When the grass is ready, the actual artificial turf installation begins. Your grass will be cut and laid as designed over the course of the next few hours.

Once laid and secured, the grass will need infill (what gives the turf its texture and weighs it down securely). Depending on what type of artificial grass you’ve selected, this process will vary in both procedure and time allotment (ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours).

Usually, there’s a power brush used here to help ensure even distribution. It’s also important to brush the grass at this point to remove any debris and make the grass blades look nice. All of this will take at least an hour.

Total Artificial Grass Installation Time
Depending on the size of your yard and the type of turf you’ve chosen, the entire process will take 8 – 30 hours of labor. Therefore, most installations are done in one to three days. Of course, commercial installations will take longer because of the square footage involved.

Once everything is done, you’ll have the grass you want, and you’ll see that the artificial turf installation wasn’t even difficult. Contact us at Turf Pro Synthetics in Tampa, FL, so that we can schedule your installation around your schedule and lifestyle. Before we even get started, we’ll discuss what options are right, how long it’ll take, and exactly what you can expect. Then we’ll return to install your turf so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. So, get in touch with us today.