Common Artificial Turf Applications

With advancements in technology, artificial or synthetic turf has seen a surge in popularity, now boasting a more lifelike appearance than ever before. These improvements have led to the making of artificial turf that appears unbelievably close to the natural grass. The low requirement for water and maintenance has led to many people opting for commercial artificial turf. Here, we will review some of the common applications of commercial artificial turf.

1. Driving ranges: Maintenance of golf courses takes a lot of effort and needs much mowing and watering. Although replacing the natural grass with artificial turf for the whole golf course might not be feasible, using it in some selected areas can be a major win-win situation for some of the driving ranges. By selecting the artificial surface, you are lowering the maintenance costs, and yet the driving range will appear great. It might also enable you to increase the business hours as the grass will remain green for a longer period.

2. Children’s play areas: Different park managers are looking to install artificial turf because it is a safe playing area for children. This artificial turf is not only durable but holds up to all the kids’ traffic better than natural grass. The natural grass is prone to holes and ruts. You can also install a layer of foam below the synthetic grass that adds additional cushion for trips and falls. You will need a lot of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to maintain the natural grass in good condition. These chemicals are harmful to children.

3. Office buildings: Many business owners can install artificial turf for their office building areas in their exteriors and interiors as well. The synthetic turf is a great ground cover for the areas that are difficult to mow in places such as parking lots, curbs, and next to sidewalks. Artificial turf is useful for areas that need a lot of shade and water for natural grass. Several businesses are taking the help of synthetic turf for the decoration of their insides. The artificial turf gives you an organic and fresh feeling.

4. Gyms and athletics facilities: For the simulation of outdoor workouts, several gyms have installed artificial turf in their working-out areas. The artificial grass gives you traction and durability, especially for football blocking and soccer sprints. Artificial turf is more likely to absorb shock than conventional flooring. This is quite useful while practicing higher-impact sports such as martial arts and wrestling.

While artificial turf may not be suitable for every location, its versatility is commendable. Synthetic turf is particularly apt for challenging areas that might pose difficulties for installers. Its minimal maintenance requirements and robust durability can significantly benefit businesses by reducing inconveniences; for those in search of a proficient artificial turf installer in the Tampa, FL, area, Turf Pro Synthetics stands out as the epitome of expertise.