How To Fix Your Most Common Yard Problems

why you should install artificial turf insteadEvery weekend you hear homeowners running their lawn mowers and weed trimmers. As you drive through any neighborhood, you see sprinklers shooting streams of water as people ardently spray weeds that seemingly crop up overnight. Think of all the time these activities consume, and yet your lawn may still develop problems. To save your time and energy, consider some of the many reasons why you should install artificial turf instead.

No More Problems with Water

You need to give grass just the right amount of water, or it’ll develop diseases or become prone to weed and insect infestations. Some communities restrict lawn watering to conserve water, so there’s nothing you can do to keep your grass healthy. If you don’t live in one of these communities, then you must commit yourself to a watering schedule, which means dragging the hose and sprinkler out if you don’t have an in-ground sprinkler system to maintain.

When you install artificial grass around your home, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. Your yard will look good throughout the year, no matter what.

No Need to Worry About Spotty Sunlight

Your yard consists of a variety of natural light conditions. There are some areas that receive direct sunlight in which only the hardiest grass will survive. There are other areas where the grass is covered with thick trees (typically on the north side of your home) that provide dense shade, so almost no grass will grow there.

With artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about any of these things. Instead, you’ll have a seamless transition throughout all of these areas.

No More Patchy Problems

Regardless of how much care you put into your yard, patchy spots occur for various reasons (e.g., too much fertilizer, an abundance of thatch, poor soil quality). None of these problems will cause your artificial turf to change colors or textures.

No More Pests or Diseases

There are two reasons why grass lawns look less-than-lush: pest infestations and diseases. Unfortunately, these problems will get out of hand before you even discover the problem. Therefore, you’ll need to pay a lot of money to apply extensive chemical treatments. Before you can even get started with this, you’ll need to take multiple soil samples to determine what lawn problem you’re dealing with.

While you’re fighting an ongoing battle with natural grass, this isn’t something you need to be concerned about when you’ve installed artificial grass around your home. There aren’t any pests or diseases, nor does your grass need to be treated with chemicals to keep it looking its best.

No More Problems Caused by Your Pets

If you have pets, you don’t want to use lawn chemicals. This is why you’ll typically find warning labels on chemical weed-preventers and fertilizer products telling you to keep your pets off of your yard for hours or days after you’ve applied the products.

Fortunately, there are many different types of artificial grass that are pet-friendly. You don’t have to worry about your pet getting skin irritation or chemical poisoning from toxic lawn products when you use artificial turf. In fact, most artificial turf is made from polyethylene (a product that’s perfectly safe for your pets).

Artificial grass is also designed to allow pet urine to drain through it. This prevents staining and discoloration from occurring so that your artificial turf always looks great.

Get Artificial Turf Today

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should get artificial grass installed around your home today. If you have been persuaded to change the grass around your home, contact us today at Turf Pro Synthetics in Tampa, FL.

Picture Credit: Crello