Synthetic Turf For Increasing The Value Of Your Home

The synthetic grass has managed to raise in stature among the real estate industry due to its cost-effectiveness, beauty, and its ability to do water conservation. All this leads to greater resale value for your home. Although there is no direct connection between installing synthetic turf with the resale value of the house, most realtors agree that it improves the marketability of your home. It places your property ahead of the rest in the market. It can also result in a quick sale at a higher price. Here are some reasons why synthetic turf is a great option to improve the market value of the home.

The appearance of the Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is not the same it was about 30 years ago. Newer technology has made its appearance more beautiful and it looks like natural grass to a degree that even the dogs and cats playing in the yard cannot tell the difference. Technological advancements are one of the reasons why artificial grass has become so popular and has become a strong alternative to natural grass. Many shades of synthetic grass are available and the actual grass is available in both shorter and longer shades. This may be mixed to provide a natural look to the lawn. The synthetic turf remains green throughout the year and is durable enough to resist the extreme climate. It also happens to be a great method for controlling the growth of weed. All these things have made synthetic turf popular among HOA’s as they have strict standards for appearance and yard maintenance.

Cost Savings Due to Having a Synthetic Turf

When you are installing synthetic turf in the form of an upfront investment, the money that is saved when you take into consideration 10 years, it is well worth it. With the artificial grass, there is no need to do lawn mowing, no yard services to pay for, or no need to upkeep the lawn equipment. There isn’t any requirement to purchase many chemicals either because there is no need for fertilizers, weed killers, or pesticides. The synthetic turf is meant to stay for at least ten years before you are required to recoup. The artificial grass also reduces the water bill as it does not need water. Cost savings alone will not be enough to bring prospective buyers to the property when you have it out there for sale. However, there might be another reason for the artificial grass being a more attractive proposal. Synthetic turf saves time as well. The hours you are required to spend on their natural lawns can be easily spent better. This factor alone can seal the deal in the case of many prospective buyers.

Saving Water

Water is a priceless resource in many areas of the U.S. It is significant to save water and more local bodies are issuing mandates for the installation of water conservation measures especially in the new homes. The synthetic turf is an excellent method for following the government rules as it does not need water. Many cities have offered incentives to their homeowners to encourage them to install artificial grass. It will lead to additional savings upfront as well as adding to the positive points tally while selling the home.


You will find several good reasons for having artificial grass in your house. It will result in providing more enjoyment when you are living in the home and help you make a good investment choice during the sell. The sooner you replace your natural grass with the artificial one the sooner you will begin to reap rewards for the investment. You can immediately get in touch with trusted professionals such as Turf Pro Synthetics to get the yard you dreamt about.