The Many Benefits of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has many wonderful benefits to homeowners. It has become extremely popular within the past few years and for good reason. In this article, we will delve into why artificial grass has proven to be a number one choice among many homeowners. First, artificial turf does not need to be maintained. If you hate mowing, this is for you. Especially if you have a large yard that takes a few hours to mow. Now you can spend those hours doing something else more enjoyable, such as swimming, playing with your kids, or sitting around a campfire. Or if your water bill is sky high due to constant lawn waterings, this is a way for you to lower your bill. You will never have to water the lawn as you do with real grass. Now let us talk about how environmentally friendly artificial turf is. You will not need to pollute the air with your lawnmower anymore. And as an added plus, many of the artificial grasses that are on […] Continue reading

Why You Should Use Turf Instead Of Grass On Your Football Field

When artificial turf was first introduced to athletes, they dreaded playing football on it. This is because the turf was simply a plastic carpet that was made to look like grass. Due to its poor design players received serious turf burns on any area of their body that was exposed to the turf. Since players were also wearing the wrong shoes they often suffered from serious knee and ankle injuries too. Fortunately, things have greatly improved since then and now many players think that this playing on turf is better than playing on grass. The Turf’s Longevity Today’s artificial turf no longer need to be replaced every 5 years. This is different from grass fields that must be replaced every other year unless it’s meticulously maintained. Taking things like the wear and tear of practice and games, as well as inclement weather and you’ll find yourself spending much more money to maintain a grass football field than you will to install and maintain a turf one. Turf Withstands Climate Changes […] Continue reading

Low Maintenance Ideas For Landscaping Your Yard

Oftentimes the downside to owning your own home has to do with the fact that it requires a lot of upkeep. Not only is there the routine cleaning, but there are unexpected repairs and the landscaping that you must also take into consideration. If you’re like a lot of homeowners today, you probably struggle to find the time to get it all done. Fortunately, when it comes to your landscaping there are some low-maintenance ideas that you can use to save yourself some time while also maintaining beautiful curb appeal. Consider Installing Artificial Grass Cutting, watering, and fertilizing your grass requires a lot of time but when you install artificial grass you no longer need to worry about finding the time to get these jobs done. Nevertheless, you’ll still have a beautiful green lawn to enjoy. Artificial turf has come a long way since the first days of its inception. Today you probably won’t even be able to notice the difference between it and “real” grass. The only real difference […] Continue reading

Installing Artificial Grass – Is It Worth It?

For a few years, the concept of artificial grass is basically surrounding us, even though we’re not noticing this. Whether we’re talking about sports fields, gardens, businesses, golf courses or even public spaces, they’re all relying on synthetic grass to provide a lush, attractive landscape solution, that requires minimal maintenance, not to mention that it allows saving important quantities of water yearly. However, some people are still skeptical about installing it, saying that it’s not the best option for the places where you just can’t grow real grass. If you’re among them, you’re in the right place, as we are going to discuss some of the benefits artificial grass has, from several points of view. There’s no need for constant watering As mentioned above, one of the biggest problems of real grass fields is that they need to be watered constantly – 500,000 to a million gallons of water per year. On the other side, an artificial grass field allows saving water, which is actually critical during periods of drought. […] Continue reading

Drought and Artificial Turf: What You Need To Know

It cannot be disputed that every continent on earth experiences a degree of water scarcity. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs also known as UNDESA, water scarcity is a natural as well as a human-made phenomenon. The need of the human population for water is outgrowing the water supply on earth. Policymakers and governments have dedicated resources and implemented policies that are aimed at ensuring that water conservation strategies are adopted worldwide. However, people can also contribute to the goal of conserving water. Individuals should adopt multiple measures and strategies that will be effective in conserving water, especially during a drought. This can be achieved by people first examining their water usage and taking steps to address wastage.  Another effective strategy is through the use of artificial turf. Artificial turf Individuals and communities can help in conserving water in various ways such as through the use of synthetic turf. Over the years, synthetic turf has evolved and now includes multiple new materials, features, uses, varieties, […] Continue reading

The Top 3 Design Ideas for Artificial Turf

The use of artificial grass has become more common in residential landscaping mainly because it offers multiple advantages when compared to a traditional lawn. It is soft, lightweight, and requires minimal maintenance. Over the years, manufacturers have developed beneficial ways of making synthetic grass not only look but also feel more natural. When it comes to artificial grass, there are several design ideas that people can choose from.  As expected, some are more popular than others but the choice to choose one design over another is dependent on the taste of a person, convenience, and the need for the use of artificial grass. People living in the city should consider the benefits that synthetic artificial turf offers and the design ideas that can not only brighten up spaces but also evoke feelings of peace and relaxation. Below are the top 3 design ideas for artificial turf. Creating a Rooftop Garden It is hard to come by backyard space in many large cities, which is why rooftop gardens have become more […] Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons To Have Artificial Turf Professionally Installed

Artificial grass is a product that needs professional handling when you want to fit it perfectly in your lawn. If you have the habit of contracting your neighbour or DIY without the adequate knowledge on how to install it, you will find it even more expensive redoing it al over again with the help of an expert. Below are the top five reasons why you need an expert to install your artificial turf. 1. Drainage allocation Experts always consider how water is drained from your grass, to avoid pools of water from forming every time it rains. Their specialized planning ahead before installation helps you to have an easy time on maintaining the turf, keeping it clean, and in good condition. 2. Preparing The Surface Area for Installation It is easy for someone to ignore the surface area where the grass is being placed. One can look at levelling the place as such a huge task, but if that is ignored, it becomes even more expensive fixing it later on. […] Continue reading

The Benefits of Artificial Turf in Winter

Synthetic Grass in the winter: What You Need To Know The trend of using artificial turf in the outdoor living areas of private residences is on the rise. No longer will you only find turf on a football field. People are using turf in a number of applications including use on patios, rooftops, and other areas. Versatile and Care-free Artificial turf allows us to add things to our homes like putting greens and playgrounds for the kids.  It’s neat and durable, plus it requires minimal upkeep. People in apartments with decks or balconies can even beautify their outdoor living areas with it. Old Man Winter is No Match Artificial grass, which looks like real grass, is made of synthetic fibers and can withstand the effects of the harsh weather we are dealt here in the United States. Characterized by heavy rains, snow, and ice, winters are especially rough in many places. Below are a few of the benefits of using artificial turf in the winter: Easy to maintain – Artificial […] Continue reading

Artificial Turf for Your Playground

From backyard playscapes to apartment complexes or schoolyard jungle gyms, the types of substrate to use for your lawn widely varies. The use of artificial turf can provide a convenient and cost-effective landscape for your needs. Are you looking for an affordable, low-maintenance, and safe alternative to unpredictable natural grass on your playground? Artificial grass for play areas may be the best decision you can make. Here are a few reasons to consider: Benefits of Switching Maintaining natural grass can be a time and money consuming effort to provide an eye-pleasing appearance, prevent deterioration, and even protect your children and the environment from pests and chemicals to eradicate those pests. Switching to artificial grass for play areas can help you address these concerns as an easy, fast, and safe alternative. Look The use of synthetic grass can provide better options for the aesthetics of everyday backyards and even daycare facilities which have quite a bit of foot traffic that may erode the growth of natural grass. These locations, as well […] Continue reading

Artificial Turf Helps Provide Relief from Allergies

Artificial Turf Helps Provide Relief from Allergies The Benefits of Synthetic Grass Drug-Free Allergy Relief More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and allergy related illnesses and that number is increasing each year. Among the health problems affecting that large number of people is hay fever or allergic rhinitis. It occurs when someone has a sensitivity to things like weeds, pollens, trees, and grass. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following: Sneezing Stuffy nose Runny nose Itchy, watery eyes What Can You Do? There are several things people can do to make life with allergies a little more liveable. We’re advised to keep our windows closed, dust and vacuum often, and to take our prescribed medications. Sometimes, people even receive immunotherapy which involves getting shots to combat the troublesome conditions. Avoiding and eliminating offending allergens is the key to better health. In addition to the things we’ve already discussed that can help those suffering from allergies, things like bathing pets to reduce hair and dander around the […] Continue reading