Artificial Turf for Your Playground

From backyard playscapes to apartment complexes or schoolyard jungle gyms, the types of substrate to use for your lawn widely varies. The use of artificial turf can provide a convenient and cost-effective landscape for your needs. Are you looking for an affordable, low-maintenance, and safe alternative to unpredictable natural grass on your playground? Artificial grass for play areas may be the best decision you can make. Here are a few reasons to consider: Benefits of Switching Maintaining natural grass can be a time and money consuming effort to provide an eye-pleasing appearance, prevent deterioration, and even protect your children and the environment from pests and chemicals to eradicate those pests. Switching to artificial grass for play areas can help you address these concerns as an easy, fast, and safe alternative. Look The use of synthetic grass can provide better options for the aesthetics of everyday backyards and even daycare facilities which have quite a bit of foot traffic that may erode the growth of natural grass. These locations, as well […] Continue reading

Artificial Turf Helps Provide Relief from Allergies

Artificial Turf Helps Provide Relief from Allergies The Benefits of Synthetic Grass Drug-Free Allergy Relief More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and allergy related illnesses and that number is increasing each year. Among the health problems affecting that large number of people is hay fever or allergic rhinitis. It occurs when someone has a sensitivity to things like weeds, pollens, trees, and grass. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following: Sneezing Stuffy nose Runny nose Itchy, watery eyes What Can You Do? There are several things people can do to make life with allergies a little more liveable. We’re advised to keep our windows closed, dust and vacuum often, and to take our prescribed medications. Sometimes, people even receive immunotherapy which involves getting shots to combat the troublesome conditions. Avoiding and eliminating offending allergens is the key to better health. In addition to the things we’ve already discussed that can help those suffering from allergies, things like bathing pets to reduce hair and dander around the […] Continue reading

Artificial Grass Can Improve Your Business

Artificial Grass Can Improve Your Business The Benefits of Artificial Grass Artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular among not only homeowners but also business owners because it is a versatile product that has numerous applications. It is known to be visually appealing, looks realistic, and it is low maintenance. It can suit a variety of establishments such as restaurants, and offices just to mention a few. Business owners are highly encouraged to opt for artificial grass because of its numerous benefits. It is Presentable Artificial grass is visually appealing. The lawn is one of the first things that people see when they walk into a business establishment. The presence of a tidy and well-manicured lawn outside makes a great first impression. It shows that the business values the importance of presentation and attention to detail. In many ways, artificial grass is similar to carpet. Installing artificial grass indoors is quite easy. Business owners are advised to consider installing fake grass if they want to set their businesses apart from others […] Continue reading

Artificial Turf Helps Keep Your Pool Clean

Artificial Turf Helps Keep Your Pool Clean  The Benefits of Artificial Turf Lawn Swimming pools provide both exercise and relaxation to any home. However, pools are in many cases difficult to clean and take care of. Homeowners who have swimming pools usually end up spending a lot of time cleaning their pools. On a daily basis, a person has to vacuum the bottom or skim the top in order to get rid of grass, bugs, and debris. Fortunately for homeowners artificial turf makes cleaning the pool easier. Installing artificial turf is beneficial to homeowners for multiple reasons. No Mud and Dirt Pools placed among natural sod lawns are in many cases dirty. Rain causes mud and wet grass to accumulate and they end up at the bottom of the pool. Children also present a problem because they love to get in and out of the pool and splashing in it, which causes a muddy mess. These problems can be solved by artificial turf, which does not consist of dirt or […] Continue reading

Artificial Turf Prevents Rodents and Pests

Artificial Turf Prevents Rodents and Pests The Advantages of an Artificial Turf Lawn Artificial turfs have become increasingly popular because of the benefits they offer homeowners. There are several reasons people make the choice to install them. They require minimal to no maintenance, and use virtually no water. Another major reason why many homeowners are opting for artificial turf is because it eliminates most of the most common rodents and pests. Rodents and Pests Artificial turf grass offers an ideal way to eliminate unwanted animals without the need to trap and kill them. Natural plants and grass attract animals that consume them. Animals, in turn, end up destroying a persons’ lawn with their eating habits. The good thing is that rodents and pests cannot eat artificial turf lawn, which means that they will leave once it is installed and look for food somewhere else. Moles, groundhogs, and many other rodents tend not to hang out for a long time once natural grass lawn is turned to artificial turf lawn. An […] Continue reading

Synthetic Turf – Environmentally Efficient

Synthetic Turf – Environmentally Efficient For a homeowner, what greater feeling is there than knowing you have the most beautiful lawn on the whole street? Synthetic turf keeps your lawn looking beautiful every day of the year with little to no maintenance. What is better than that? Well, how about that synthetic turf is overall better for the environment than just regular grass. I know what you are thinking, how is that even possible, right? Gasoline Every day, there are hundreds of people mowing their lawns throughout the world. Gas powered lawn mowers actually put eleven times more pollution into the air every hour than a car. Leaf blowers and weed whackers are not any better, either. Leaf blowers are actually even illegal in some areas. Unfortunately, you can’t just decide you are not going to mow your lawn anymore because of this either. If you do that, then your lawn will end up being the most hideous lawn on the street. Luckily, with synthetic turf there is no mowing […] Continue reading

Advantages of Artificial Turf in Florida

Advantages of Artificial Turf in Florida Weather There are many advantages to having artificial turf in Florida. For instance, Florida is known for its exceptionally hot weather, this hot weather can dry out grass and make it look very unpleasant. Artificial turf does not tend to dry out during hot weather, making it very ideal for Floridians. Money Saver & Money Maker Secondly, to keep grass looking decent and presentable it must be watered almost every day in Florida, this is a contributing factor as to why water bills are on average higher in Florida than any other state. Thankfully, artificial turf rarely ever needs to be watered, if at all. Not only will your grass look marvelous but you will actually be saving money, what could possibly be better than that? The investment of time and money for artificial turf far outweighs real grass. Landscaping with artificial turf brings big returns on your investment should you sell your property in Florida. It is found that artificial grass, putting greens, […] Continue reading

Golf Course Synthetic Turf

Golf Course Synthetic Turf   Intro to Turf Artificial turf was first introduced into the Major League Baseball in 1966. The Chicago White Sox was the first Major League Baseball team to install the synthetic turf in an outdoor stadium. Later on, synthetic turf was installed in many different stadiums. For example, the Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium and Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium. The ball bounced higher and traveled faster than on natural grass. Today, the Tropicana Field and Toronto’s Roger Centre still use synthetic turf. The Houston Oilers The then-Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans) were the first American football team to play on synthetic turf. In 1969, Franklin Field, was the first stadium to use synthetic turf. Currently, eight stadiums in the Canadian football league use synthetic turf. Artificial Turf on the Golf Course Through the years, synthetic grass has increased its reputation. Synthetic grass has become very popular on golf courses throughout the years. Synthetic turf stays green all year round, making it a very popular option for events. […] Continue reading

History of Synthetic Turf Grass

History of Synthetic Turf Grass Artificial synthetic turf grass gained popularity in the 60 when the Astrodome was constructed and developed by Monsanto and named Astro Turf. Astro Turf is trademarked, but not by Monsanto, There are basically 3 generations now. First generation which was short fibers with no fill. second generation which used sand infills and now third generation which uses a mixture of sand and granules of recycled rubber fills. First used in the baseball by the Houston Astrodome it replaced the grass field when the stadium was opened. The reason as there was not enough sunlight to keep the grass healthy. Players basically played on painted green dead grass. They solved this by replacing the dead grass with the artificial synthetic turf grass, Chemgrass, which is known as Astro Turf. Although there was not enough for the full field so the outfield had to remain the painted dead grass at the time until around 1966. Chicago was the first team to install synthetic turf in an outdoor […] Continue reading

Artificial Turf Benefits

The Benefits of Using Artificial Turf How to Decide On the Best Artificial Turf Options for Your Needs Most people relate artificial turf grass to the fields in football stadiums, also known as astroturf or synthetic grass. Nowadays, artificial turf can be seen from your neighbor’s garden to worn out areas in your local grocery store’s landscape and it can be a great alternative to sod in your own lawn. Why? Well, for starters its low maintenance, but that’s not all. There’s something really cool about not having to worry about your lawn and still having it look perfect. Below are a few of the main reasons why you should consider incorporating synthetic grass into your landscape. Why Should I Prefer Artificial Turf? Cost Laying sod and maintaining it can be quite expensive once the installation is done and the maintenance of it such as mowing, watering, and re-sodding takes effect. The amount that you could end up spending can often exceed the life of your grass, resulting in a […] Continue reading