Tips For Artificial Turf Care

If you have finally decided to move over to using the artificial turf, you have made the right decision. There is no need to trudge up and down the grass to cut the lawn every week. All you are required to do is a little bit of maintenance activity every month and this will save a lot of time and trouble. It will not only keep your artificial grass looking better for a long time but will also extend the lifespan. This also makes it safe for pets and children.

Steps for cleaning the artificial grass

There is no need for cleaning the artificial grass every day contrary to popular belief. The rain downpour can wash away most of the dirt collected on the surface. However, it is recommended that you hose the artificial turf once every week for keeping it looking at its best. Just follow these easy steps for artificial turf maintenance,

  • Remove the leaves and debris regularly by using a plastic rake a leaf blower, or a stiff brush.
  • Trim the trees and hedges regularly to control the fall of leaves on the artificial grass.
  • Use the weed killer twice yearly on the complete area for preventing the weed to grow back and also kill the stray weed.
  • Use the artificial turf spray for cleaning out the urine stains from your pets.
  • Use baking soda to sprinkle the area before using a diluted liquid solution of vinegar and water for getting rid of all the odor.

Brushing the artificial grass

Now that you have treated yourself and your garden with artificial grass here are some easy ways of looking after your investment. Brush the new lawn lightly. Perform the activity regularly once a week or every other week for removing any twigs or leaves from it. However, keep in mind to do it gently. In case you have used too much force you may end up changing the artificial turf shape. The best brush you can use for the work is a medium and soft bristle brush. The brush must be gentle on the grass and this brush will do the work. Remember to brush the artificial grass in the opposite direction.

Cutting the artificial grass

The best part of installing the artificial turf is that there is no need to cut your lawn again after its installation. There are some other good reasons for investing in artificial grass. Here they are,

  • It saves water and as a result your water bill.
  • There is more time to relax and no need to cut the grass weekly.
  • The artificial grass drains fast.
  • It looks green and lush all year round.
  • It is safe for pets and children to play on.
  • It will not fade away in the sunlight.
  • The artificial grass is durable and long-lasting.

If your natural grass is looking worse for the wear it might be the right time to invest in a new synthetic lawn that will definitely last longer. If you are living in the Tampa, FL area, contact the artificial turf installers Turf Pro Synthetics who will provide a high-quality range of artificial grass.