Using Artificial Turf To Get Rid Of Landscaping Problems With Putting Grass

Using Artificial Turf To Get Rid Of Landscaping Problems With Putting GrassIt doesn’t matter whether you are a pro golfer or a novice at the game. There is nothing wrong with investing in having backyard artificial putting green grass. It is a terrific way of getting on with your practice without leaving the comforts of your home. Apart from that it also means you have a good outdoor feature in the home that can be shared with friends and family. However, having artificial putting green grass means you have got rid of four common landscaping problems.

Landscaping problems with natural grass

Although most problems associated with putting greens can be fixed, they normally need some drastic solutions such as full resodding and other soil treatments. Using synthetic turf solves most of the issues such as,

1. Patchy growth of grass: There are several factors responsible for patchy growth of grass such as inadequate irrigation, poor soil, and shade. The great part is that none of these factors can affect artificial turf. The area remains lush and vibrant and it doesn’t depend on the conditions surrounding the area. It means you have a putting green that has an even length of grass that is equivalent to pro-quality golf play.

2. Damaged turf and divots: Friction involved in rolling balls, the effect of swing, and foot traffic is going to take its toll on natural grass. But these things do not damage the artificial turf laid in home yards. It is also durable enough to stop divots and wear despite continuous use. This allows you to play as long as you want and as often as you wish.

3. Turf-related diseases: Natural turf diseases are capable of ruining putting green within a few days. There are many things responsible for it such as harsh weather conditions and poor drainage. Dealing with these diseases is tedious and costly but if you get a synthetic turf it is resistant to all these diseases.

4. Puddles: All artificial grass layouts come with a built-in drainage system that is far more efficient than your natural lawn. It can drain huge quantities of water within a minute. Due to this feature, there is no need to worry about puddles getting formed and ruining the putting green notwithstanding the rain.

There are other advantages as well associated with synthetic turf installation such as,

  • Dirt-free space.
  • Non-toxic installation.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Easy upkeep.
  • Looks real.

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